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Monday, 4 March 2013

Healthy Happy Happening!

Join us this Friday, March 8th, at Teaism in Old Town for another Healthy Happy Happening. What is a healthy happy happening, you might ask?  It's simple. It's an informal gathering of like-minded individuals -- people who care about what they put in their bodies: health care and nutritional professionals, athletes, yogis, and informed consumers. 

We've been hosting Healthy Happy Happenings on the second Friday of every month, but this week we've got a special guest: Chef Nora Pouillon, founder of the first certified organic restaurant in the United States, Nora

Born in Vienna, Austria, Nora immigrated to the United States in the late 1960s.  Although her  formal training was in interior design, she found herself increasingly drawn to the world of food. Nora was horrified to realize that Americans were consuming processed, chemical laden foods on a regular basis, and the extent to which that was affecting our public health. "That's when she embarked on her crusade to promote a healthier lifestyle" (Nora's About).

Since then, Nora has opened City CafĂ© and Asia Nora, all while pursuing her mission of providing the healthiest, most delicious food to her customers. She sources organic and locally wherever possible. Above all, she advocates "a sustainable, health-focused lifestyle based on the premise that you are what you eat, drink, and breathe." 

We will be showing a short documentary on Nora's work and discussing how to incorporate the healthy and happy into our every day happenings with the local queen of Organic, Nora Pouillon. 

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