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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Legend of the Salty Oat

Once there was a Cookie, a "subtly sweet . . . curiously salty" confection known as the Salty Oat. It's praises were sung up and down the East Coast and many a blogger and baker tried to reproduce the magic of the Cookie, but the recipe remained a fiercely guarded secret. The ingredients are simple -- organic oats, wheat flour, organic raisins, butter, cane sugar, organic eggs, vanilla, kosher salt, baking powder, and baking soda -- but producing the Cookie takes a little more kitchen wizardry.

Salty Oats are the brainchild of Terri Horn, who was working at DC's own Marvelous Market, when the first Cookies appeared. As she tells it, Terri conceived of the cookie while she was kayaking: 
"Paddling off the coast of Maine and needing something hearty to get her back to shore, Terri dreamed of the oat and raisin cookies she had been baking for years, sprinkled with salt to remind her of the sea."
Terri went home and baked, and baked, and baked, perfecting her confection before she shared it. Soon her Cookies were making a splash in the DC artisanal scene, and Terri left Marvelous Market to start her own company, the aptly named Kayak Cookies.  Once Teaism started selling the sweet and salty confections, word of the delicious Cookie began to spread and sales took off. 

Friends and family were soon begging for a sister Cookie, preferably with chocolate. Terri answered with the fabled Chocolate Salty Oat, with Belgian chocolate chunks, just a hint of coconut, and of course, sea salt sprinkled on top. To round out the Salty Oat family, Terri created one more masterful Cookie: the Chocolate Chunk Pecan, my personal favorite.

Terri Horne now resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and sells her Cookies all over the northeastern States. Teaism is a licensed producer of the Salty Oat, and Terri visits annually to train our bakers and make sure we maintain the magic of her Cookies. Often described as "maddeningly delicious" and "dangerously addictive," the Cookies can be purchased individually or in packs of six. 

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